Subscribe to a ( Unique To You ) Website Address

With Your Phone Number, Zip or Postal Code Included Offers hundreds of unique to you and very descriptive website addresses by lease or subscription.

With your choice of our domain name(s), we generate your unique web address

With a subscription to your unique website address, you will have a presence on the web to promote or use in advertising for buying or selling most anything.

If you have your own domain name, great.  They are getting hard to find to be short and exactly for you.

You can search for a domain name and web hosting at our site.

All of our URL's for subscription are short and very descriptive.

If you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Ebay store, Etsy store, Craigslist ad etc., they are usually long web addresses (URL's) that you can not put on your business card, or in your newspaper ad's, or pin-ups for bulletin boards, or even in your emails.

Our short, descriptive and unique to you URL's solve this for you.

1) Your subscribed web address can be set to auto-redirect to any other web address of your choice.  Your own existing website, or to any of the above sites.

2) Or, Your subscribed web address can be a landing page we offer, to show your links of choice to any, some, or all of your existing sites, as listed above.

Everyone, Worldwide,

has one or more unique addresses.


1) Your Phone Number is unique to you

... See for details.


2) Your Zip Code Plus4 is unique to you (USA)

... See for details.


3) Your Postal Code is unique to you (Global)

... See for details.


4) Your Email Address is unique to you (Global)

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