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"One of our website address examples"
Anyone can have and earn from a magazine subscription site of their own.
Affiliate with 1 to 5 magazine distributors and earn 20 to 40% of each subscription sale referred.
( Imagine your grandchild promoting his/her personalized website selling 1200+ magazine subscriptions )
See MagazinesFrom.com for details

1-_ _ _.com is to apply any phone number in USA & Canada into a web address to magnify it's potential in any printed Advertising.
( Type in your area code number in your browser and surf to the page for details. .... 1-???.com  ( My AC is 1-715.com )

Call  is for any phone number in the world to be a web address. 

1-9 and A to Z is our collection of unique, short, and very descriptive domain names and URL's for your home or business on the web.

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