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  • offers Domain names and Website Addresses (URL's) by Subscription or Lease
  • (URL) stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is nothing more than the address of a given unique resource on the Web.
  • Each Unique Website Address (URL), we offer, includes one of our very descriptive domain names, and a /folder, which is added that would include one of the following  ...


  • Your Phone Number,
  • Example: 1-_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • Example:
  • (Area Code and Number) USA & Canada
  • Example: _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • (Any Phone Number) World Wide


  • Your Toll-Free Phone Number,
  • Example: TF1-8??.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • (Toll-Free Area Code and Number) USA & Canada


  • Your Zip Code Plus 4,
  • Example: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • Example: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • Example: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • (Any Zip Code +4) In USA
  • Your Postal Code,
  • Example: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • Example: _ _ - _ _ _
  • (Any PC Code) In Canada & the World


  • Your Business Type,
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Example:
  • .............. (Unlimited)


  • Your Name, Business Name,
  • Example: (Business Type Name)
  • (any business type name)





  • Anyone or Business Worldwide can subscribe to one or more website / email / sub-domain, descriptive URL's utilizing any one or more of our extensive collection of very descriptive domain names.




  • Is a URL ? Uniform Resource Locator ( A Website Address )
  • As every residence and business in the world has a unique mailing address
  • So does every website, webpage, image, document, video, audio and other files on the web.
  • Imagine, ... one company has over one million videos on Each has a different URL address.
  • Few Examples with one each of our many category domains.


  • (Phone Number URL's) ... Using our domain, (One Area code in Wisconsin), (one of our 350 area code domains in USA and Canada), we can generate a phone number URL for home & business owners in Wisconsin ... Over 350,000 homes, each having / using one or more phone numbers.  Plus any cell, and business, apartment, condo, etc. phone number.
  • As... _ _ - _ _ _ _ 
  • As...  1-_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • (Enter your USA / Canada area code and number to see how your unique URL would look like.)


  • (Zip Code URL's) ... By using our, we can offer a URL to any Zip Code in USA (over 40,000) and also utilizing any Zip code Plus 4, to any home or business in USA. (several million).
  • As... (Any area code in USA)
  • As... (Any home / business area code +4 in USA)
  • AS... _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ (Enter your Zip Code +4 to see your unique URL)


  • (Postal Code URL's) ... By using our, we can offer a URL to any Postal Code home and business outside of USA.
  • As... (Any home / business postal code in the world)
  • As... _ _ - _ _ _ (Enter your Postal Code to see your unique URL)


  • (Business Type URL's) ... By using our, we can offer a URL to any craft maker in the world.
  • As... ... (as a /folder)
  • As...
  • As... ...  /City, /Zip code, /Postal Code, /Country, /State, /Amish, etc.



  • (Business Type URL's) ... By using our, we offer a URL to any booth owner in the world.
  • As... ... (as a /folder)
  • As...
  • As... ...  /City, /Zip code, /Postal Code, /Country, /State, /Amish, etc.




  • Your unique URL can be generated and live in a day or hour, or minutes, depending when we get your demo request, or order.  Once you see it working, then take some days to ponder how you can use it in your advertising to improve your bottom line.
  • Replace your plain phone number with your URL phone number in your advertising media, such as Business cards, Classified ad's, Shopper paper ad's, pin-ups, online selling sites, signs, letter heads, emails etc.
  • Your Website Address and Phone Number in ONE ! ...  Working 24/7
  • Your Toll-Free Phone Number (URL) Website Address ...  Working 24/7
  • Your Zip Code +4 (URL) Website Address ... Working 24/7
  • Your Postal Code (URL) Website Address ... Working 24/7




(Home and Business Website Construction) At ...


(See Your Phone Number URL) At ...


(See Your Toll-Free Phone Number URL) At ...


(See Your Zip Code +4 URL) At ...


(See Your Postal Code URL) At ...


(Website and Email Hosting) At ...




  • The beneficial purpose is to utilize your current unique to you addresses, such as your
  • Phone number,
  • Toll-Free phone number,
  • Zip Code +4, (USA)
  • Postal Code, (Global)

as a Unique To You Website Address (URL), to step up to the web.

  • Example: Your Plain advertised phone number can be replaced with your URL phone number website address to magnify it's potential in your ad's. 
  • ( Offers Call or Surf Option to readers of your Ad's ... 24/7 )
  • Your phone number as a website address will surely help your home / business bottom line. 
  • Imagine your next classified ad showing your phone number as your website address ! Ponder what you could gain from that.
  • Improves your ad's, business cards, pin-ups, Facebook, emails, etc.




  • The team at (Parent Site) receives your subscription / lease demo request or order, then generates and host's the web address (URL) you wish.  We will reply ASAP via email with your live URL and more details.
  • Ask for a No-Obligation demo URL for any of our descriptive domains to see how it can work for you / business.



Order Your Unique URL





1)  We have premium domain names for lease. Most also are able to offer sub-domains and /folder names.




2) Using our very descriptive domain names, we generate unique web addresses for anyone.

Each offers you a web address as a sub-domain, and / or a /folder name / number of your choice.


See One of our 350+ area code domains that supply website addresses in USA and Canada.

See To make a phone number address for any number in the world.


SeeOffers hundreds of unique to you and very descriptive website addresses by lease or subscription.


With your choice of our domain name(s), we generate your unique web address


With a subscription to your unique website address, you will have a presence on the web to promote or use in advertising for buying or selling most anything.


If you have your own domain name, great.  They are getting hard to find to be short and exactly for you.


You can search for a domain name and web hosting at our site.


All of our URL's for subscription are short and very descriptive.


If you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Ebay store, Etsy store, Craigslist ad etc., they are usually long web addresses (URL's) that you can not put on your business card, or in your newspaper ad's, or pin-ups for bulletin boards, or even in your emails.


Our short, descriptive and unique to you URL's solve this for you.


1) Your subscribed web address can be set to auto-redirect to any other web address of your choice.  Your own existing website, or to any of the above sites.


2) Or, Your subscribed web address can be a landing page we offer, to show your links of choice to any, some, or all of your existing sites, as listed above